Leggie's in Uluwatu

Everyone seems to say the best hotel in Uluwatu is The Gong, but Leggie's was so much better!  Leggie's is at the top of the stairs leading down to Bingin Beach.  It's a great homestay with big clean rooms and a great pool!

As with all the Uluwatu beaches, you have to hike down lots of stairs (seriously) to reach the beaches but the beaches are well worth the hike!

We took a room with a double and twin bed and fan for $15USD.  We wanted air con however they wanted $25 so we settled for the fan.  Plus the air con didn't work that well so why waste the extra money.  They also have a nice pool which is key for us since the kids live in the pool.

We loved Leggie's for the room price, but not the food price.  Leggie's is self-contained so you don't need to leave for any meal.  Meals start about $2.50 but they can add up quickly if you are eating all your meals there.  The food is good, except don't order the beef burger and expect to get real beef.

Over all the rooms were clean and beds were comfortable to sleep in.  Water pressure was not the best and they only have cold water.  But after a day at the beach and climbing back up the stairs you will appreciate the cool shower.

Tip: Try and get an upstairs room for better breeze.  Also, go to the store and get food to make your own sandwiches. For a family of five, our food bill was more than the room bill!

Anyone have any other hotels they recommend in Uluwatu?  We are always looking for a new place to stay.
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