What to do in Sanur with kids

Sanur was the perfect place to slow down and catch our breath as we were exploring Bali. Sanur has a beach, a night market, things to explore and dirty cops!  Perfect for us!

Peekaboo - is a huge indoor and outdoor play area with so many things for kids to play on and do.  They even have a toddler and baby area, yet with the kids running everywhere there was no separation.  Our kids loved running wild both indoors and out.  We loved the air-conditioning and the fast wifi and the break from the kids.  There is even a cafe with excellent lattes.  A bit pricey, but 85000 rupiah gets you 3 hours of playtime for one child and one adult.  Socks are required.  http://www.peekaboofun.com/

Breakfast on the beach at low tide - We got to sip our coffee with an awesome breakfast while the kids explore the beach and played in the low tide.

Swimming - Our kids loved swimming in the hotel pool and the ocean everyday.  They have become such great swimmers being in a pool everyday.

Night market - Sanur has such a great night market.  The kids spent most of their time hovering  around the man selling little hermit crabs while we sat and ate some yummy and cheap food.

Sea turtles - There is a sea turtle rescue area right on the boardwalk. The kids loved watching the baby sea turtles swim in the tanks. Although touching is forbidden, we happened to be there when they were taking pictures for some Bali tourism magazine. The kids got to pick up the turtles and be in a magazine!

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