Bali Night Market in Sanur

Cheap eats and lots of entertainment for our kids,  That is our ideal dinner!  The night market in Sanur has it all.  We got a huge plate for noodles for only 10,000 Rupiah ($1USD).  Cooked fresh and it was delicious.  There are lot of food stalls to choose from.  One of our favorites was the smoothie guy who had fresh mango / dragonfruit drinks for only 7,000 ($.70USD).  We also loved the chocolate milk pancake lady for dessert for only $1.  Plates are big enough to share.  Grab a big bag of baked and fried treats too for only $1 for breakfast.

The night market starts at 6pm which is a little late for us but still worth it.  The kids were enthralled with the crab man the entire time we were there.  We bought our kids a hermit crab and house ($.50) while we were at the night market and it was well worth the 24 hours of entertainment it brought the kids.  Of course, we seemed to repeat the purchase each night due to some unfortunate accident.  Poor crabs.

Where is your favorite cheap night market for dinner?

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