What to do in Hue, Vietnam with kids

Hue was our final stop before going to Hanoi.  We had a wonderful time in Hoi An and we were expecting the same with Hue.  We only stayed a few nights since Hue was excessively hot (over 100F) and we didn't find it very kid friendly.  My one suggestion for Hue is to get a hotel with a pool.

The Citadel is loads of fun for the kids, but is also incredibly big and spread out.  We started out at thetanks and fighter jets to the right of the entrance then slowly made our way to the koi pond so the kids could feed the starving fish (don't they look starving).  We continued to explore and the kids enjoyed running around and climbing on everything.  Bring extra water, hats and sunscreen because you are mostly in the sun.

River boat cruise is a great way to view the city and enjoy a nice cool breeze.  We negotiated $5 USD for a one hour cruise.  They originally wanted $20.  Negotiate where you want to go too.  I suggest you go down the narrower part of the river directly across where you catch the boat so you get a more personal feel for Vietnamese life along the river otherwise our get to see the tourist spots along the river that you probably already saw.

Night market is always a blast for everyone.  The main night market is right next to t river park and the bridge.  Yummy foods, cool things to look at and a beautiful sunset by the bridge.  Our kids loved running around the park and getting delicious cut up mango.  This is a great place to people watch too.  We bought a cheap ball and the kids always found people to play with.

Carnival rides are always a hit with our kids and every town we've been to in Vietnam has them.  We found some near Vinh Ninh primary school on the way to the train station.  The rides are cheap around $.30-.50USD a ride.

Enjoy some cheap and excellent restaurants in Hue.  On a nice quiet alleyway in the main backpackers area are some of the best and affordable restaurants Hue has to offer such a Nina's.  The restaurants are all kid friendly either offering a kids movie to watch or playing ball or chalk down a non-motorized alley.  Look for Nguyen Tri Phuong Street.

What kid friendly things did you find to do in Hue?  We would love to add to the list.

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