KidCiti in Saigon is the best place to take your kids

This was hands down our kids favorite play activity in Saigon while we were there!  They kept asking to go back the entire time we were in Vietnam.  KidCiti is basically a mini city where kids can pretend to be professional for a day.  Kids ages 3 thru 15 can explore around 24 different occupations including pilot, doctor, fireman, ice cream maker, milker, chemist, nurse, stylist and many more.  As they try the various professions they can earn and spend special purpose money called kizos.

We went during the week and the place was practically empty.  At one point this group of adorable schools kids showed up, but we barely saw them.  Our kids had free run of the place.  The staff was incredibly friendly and they loved helping our kids and practicing their English.

KidCiti has two different sessions (times) kids can participate in.  The morning from 8a-3:30p and the second from 4p to 9:30p.  Each kids is given a tracking bracelet which is scanned at each station and a booklet to be stamped as each profession is completed.  The bracelet tells the staff who the kids are and where they've been.

There is also a cafe with free wifi for parents to sit back and relax.  Price is about 350,000 dong for 2 kids.  They have a cafe with food, but I suggest you bring your own.  Bonus are two very cool playgrounds just outside too!  You'll pass one on your way to KizCiti the other is in the opposite direction.

Anyone else been here or go to something similar?

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