How we got trapped by motorbikes, lost $500, and found $500 in 24 hours

See the luggage handle in the lower right?

We love the freedom of driving a car wherever we go.  To explore on our own time thrills us. Plus we need the flexibility with 3 little kids.  So we rented a car in Ubud for the the final 3 weeks we are in Bali to traverse the island.  Nick picks the car up and found a perfect parking spot in front of the school next to our hotel.  He goes into our room to get the luggage and can carry all but two bags.  He loads them into the car and goes back into the hotel room to get us.  Thirty minutes later we head to the car with all the kids and the last 2 bags.

As we approach our car all we can see is motorcycles perfectly aligned surrounding our car. The motorbikes were blocking the front, back and side of the car.  We could not open doors or the trunk.  We both thought it would make for an awesome picture and started snapping away. A security guard comes over to help move the sea of bikes.  Thanks to the security guard we pack up the kids and we are finally able to wedge our car out from the sea of bikes.  I'm always amazed at how perfectly aligned people are able to park their motorbikes here.

We enjoy a day of driving to the volcano and then head to the beach for the night.  We find a cozy hotel in Sanur and unload the bags.  Get where I'm going with this? Yup, forgot those two bags.  Those two bags contained my breast pump, stroller parts, clothes, electronics and other important things all totaling about $500.  Ugh!  We call and email our friends and hotel back in Ubud but hear nothing.  It was late so all we could do is wait until morning.

The next morning no ones seen our bags so off to Ubud we go.  We arrive early and wait while Nick is off searching for our bags.  Still nothing.  Our only hope is the security guard who helped us earlier may have them.  In my head I'm trying to figure out how we can trick him into admitting he has them, but he doesn't start work until 1pm so we decide to have lunch around Ubud until then.

When we finally see the guard he lets us know he has them locked in the school.  Whoo Hooo!! We got our bags back.  We tip him, thank him and we are off to the beach again.  I feel bad for thinking he was going to be dishonest.  Ubud really has the most wonderful people on the planet!  Now Sanur and their cops on the other hand ....

Anyone ever lost something valuable while traveling?  Leave us your comments below.

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  1. I "lost" a laptop at the airport one time. Great way to get a new work computer...

  2. Lost to the airlines, my mother's favorite sweater that her son, my brother, gave her. Even though we reported it right away, and knew exactly where it was and what flight it was on, it was no longer available. Sounds minor, but my brother had given it to her personally and not long afterwards he died. So, I felt bad about that.
    Also, another time we stopped at a florist shop and parked in a funeral parlors parking lot. We had 3 little kids and 2 large St. Bernard dogs in a station wagon. There was mass confusion but we managed to get the flowers and reload the car after kids and dogs were in and out of the car several times. Whew! We drove down the street and turned to check on the children and realized the littlest one was missing...Yikes! Sped back to the parking lot in a panic and there was my 18 month old, running around and totally bewildered as to where we went. Thank heavens, he was ok. This was several years before seat belts.