Monkey Forest

Monkeys, monkeys everywhere, jumping on your head and jumping on the beds (wait, that's my kids at home!).  We loved monkey forest!  There are monkeys everywhere and they are aggressive.  Nick saw a monkey's tail (he thinks) laying on the ground.  Poor monkey!

We loved walking around and exploring the different trails and statues and seeing all the monkeys.  We also loved seeing the waterfall and bridge with dragons and the koi fish.

The monkeys rule this forest and they have no fear.  B wanted to carry his backpack with a water bottle sticking out and several monkeys started to stalk him.  Good thing Nick intervened or B might have had a monkey tackle him.  Don't carry a plastic bag or water bottle or any bag for that matter.  The monkeys try and steal everything.  Most times they are successful.  And if you try a showdown with the monkeys to get your stuff back they bare their teeth and scare the heck out of you.  They win!

On our way back up from the stream (which is quite a hike down), we were mesmerized by a few fighting monkeys. They are fierce!

Who loves a good monkey fight?
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