Ambergris Caye, Belize

We traveled to Ambergris Caye specifically to get scuba certified.  We dove previously in Hawaii and loved it.  So a two week vacation in Belize was just what we needed.  Ambergris Caye is the largest, most northern of Belize's islands and parallels the worlds second largest barrier reef which is also an UNESCO site.  Ambergris Caye can only be reached by plane or boat.  We found so many different things to do on and off the island.  Here are some of our favorites.

Shark Ray Alley - Allows you to get close stingrays and nurse sharks.  This place gets a bit crowded with tourist but is still fun.

Renting a Golf Cart

This had to be one of our favorite activities.  My husband was like a little kid with freedom to go crazy.  We cruised the entire island, checking out things we would not have seen walking.  One of them being the kids feeding the crocodile.  If you go see the kids, wear bug repellant to avoid the mosquitos.

Walking the beach 

The town and all the hotels were easily access by walking the beach.  It was quicker walking to dinner along the beach then taking the main road into town.  The beach is beautiful!

Watching kids feed a crocodile

Got chicken?  These local kids have made a living off tourist tips by feeding the crocodile.  Crazy?Maybe, but very entertaining.

Scuba Diving -
This was the main reason for our visit and Ambergris Caye did not disappoint

Day trip to the Mainland

One of the best things about Ambergris Caye is it's proximity to the mainland so day trips can be had to see the Mayan ruins or tubing down the river through caves.  We loved spending the morning caving them climbing up the Mayan ruins.  Absolutely beautiful!

Anyone else visit Belize?  What was your favorite part?  

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