Legoland Malaysia is AWESOME and they now have a water park and hotel too!

Ok, well, maybe they're not open just yet, but by the end of the year 2013 the water park will be open and hotel will open early 2014.  How perfect is that?  Fun amusement rides one day, a water park the next and a hotel that is attached to the front entrance.  As we walked around I constantly looked at the hotel and thought how perfect it would be to sneak back there for a quick nap!

When we first entered the park we immediately went left to the first big roller coaster we saw.  The Project X coaster is closest to the entrance.  Our kids were so excited to ride it, but once we got there our son was a few centimeters too small.  So while Nick and Miss C waited in line to ride, I took the boys around to explore.  We walked through Miniland which features Asia's best known landmarks built with over 30 million Legos. The boys were mesmerized. We were all impressed by the incredible detail and our kids loved running and exploring the different areas.

From Miniland we walked toward Lego City where the little ones could drive cars, ride boats and play on a big outdoor boat play area.  We immediately went back to pick up Nick and Miss C and headed back to the play area.  When you go to the park head right first. Avoid the first roller coast as everyone seems to queue up there first and head towards the driving school.

The park has a medieval themed section towards the back that is not to be missed. Our son kept wanting to go back on the Royal Joust and must have rode it 10 times during the day. Our daughter's favorite ride was the big Dragon ride nearby. B-man loved the Dragon's Apprentice ride, which is a roller coaster a little more suited for younger kids but still a total blast.

This park could not be more perfect for our kids.  There are plenty of rides including roller coasters for the little kids and lots of things for them to do.

Who else has been to a Legoland?
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