Petrosains Discovery Science Center

Our day of discovery started early to beat the crowds.  And considering it was a school holiday glad we did.  We bought our tickets and jumped on a quick ride through a darkened tunnel watching and listening to everything about oil (Petronas is a big Malaysian oil company).  Once the 3 minute ride ends the fun began and kids are allowed to touch and explore everything. We started with a cool hurricane simulator and explored from there.

Racing cars, operating a tractor, chasing butterflies, the kids loved it all.  Half way through is a kids play area with large legos and a mining simulator.  The kids played like crazy and I took a nice long rest.  I loved watching how excited the kids got each time they discovered something new.

After the play area we continued through the science center through the racing cars, a slide, an oil rig, the music center and finally the 3 minute ride back to the entrance.  We were there around 4 hours and the kids could not get enough.  Except for the scary talking dinosaur.  Not sure why that bothered them.  Well worth the visit though!

Located on the 4th Floor of the Suria KLCC mall tickets are 25RM adults and 15RM kids.

No free wifi, bummer!

Anyone else been here?

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