Paradise at Lost World of Tanbum Hot Spring & Spa

After settling into our hotel , we headed over to the Lost World Hot Springs right at 6pm when they opened.  We were given a quick tour of the hot springs by our host, Shamila, and then the family fun began. The pools are incredible!  There are 7 pools to choose from.  Our kids mostly stayed in the main pool area while we took turns exploring the others. Temperatures in the pools varied from 37° - 43° C (99° - 109° F).  The water is so soothing and easy to relax in.

The main pool was a perfect height for our one year old to walk around. He absolutely loved following his big brother and sister under the waterfall.  All the pools are centered around the main pool which also plays some great music.

There is a circular foot spa lined with reflexology pebbles. Supposedly, walking around three times with the hot spring water soothes your feet and provides maximum therapeutic benefits. I must admit that the foot spa was a bit too intense for me and I barely made it around once. Fortunately, the nearby Steam Cave was the perfect spot to soothe my bruised ego!

The Steam Cave was my absolute favorite.  The cave is enclosed by two waterfall entrances which creates a natural steam room.  Although too hot for our kids, I went in here several times and enjoyed the solitude.

Of course, what is a fun evening without some great snacks.  We sipped on fresh coconuts, a fry basket and enjoy some Tau Fu Fah which is a type of soy custard.  It was creamy and the sweet syrup they used was excellent!  There were lots of food choices, but the kids were too busy playing to really eat.

After the kids went to sleep I escaped back to the Lost World Spa to do a little me time and get a hot stone massage at the Crystal Spa.  The Lost World Spa is located behind the hot spring pools.  I was lead into one of the cabanas and was offered disposable bra and panties to change into.  The enclosed cabanas are dimly lit and beautifully decorated.  I then laid down on the massage table and proceeded to have one of the best massages of my life.  The hot stone massage started with a full body oil massage and then hot stones were rubbed all over.  The warmth from the stones shot through me and was incredible relaxing.  The massage made me feel so rejuvenated I think I actually fell asleep at the end.  It was amazing!

The Crystal Spa offers several types of massages, but hands down the hot stone massage is my new favorite.  After the massage I got to enjoy the hot springs by myself and soaked in all the bliss.  The massage and hot springs made for a perfect ending for a perfect day.

Anyone else experience the Lost World?

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