Lost World of Tambun Theme Park is more than just a water park

The kids have been so excited all week for our trip to the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park.  All the rides, the petting zoo, the water park, there is just so much to do the kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement!  When it was finally time to leave our hotel room and walk to the park I thought the kids might pass out with excitement overload.  Thankfully, the theme park is only a 5 minute walk across the parking lot.

Our host, Shamila, once again met us right as the park opened for a quick tour.  It was so nice to be shown around and see everything they have to offer.  It is incredibly big!  After we got our our bracelets we headed out past the water park area and the amusement rides (we would be playing there soon enough) towards Tin Valley.  We stopped along the way to view a beautiful natural limestone cave that would be perfect for business or party functions.

Once we viewed the cave we headed past the Tiger Valley and got to witness the tigers swimming.  Did you know tigers love to swim?  I didn't and it was very cool to see.  The Lost World has 5 tigers however only 2 are out at a time.  The Siberian tigers are amazing creatures.  They also have tiger feeding times, but we could not get our kids away from the water long enough to go see them.  Hopefully, next time.

After Tiger Valley we made our way to Tin Valley.  Tin mining is one of the oldest industries in Malaysia and Tin Valley helps to educate on Malaysia's mining heritage. Tin Valley also leads to the entrance of the team building area.  This is also where we did one of our most favorite things while at the Lost World, zip lining!  It was so much fun.  They have this huge zip line across a beautiful lake surrounded by lime stone cliffs and lush green forest.  We felt completely lost from the rest of the world.  First Nick went zip lining and he made it look like a breeze.  Next was my turn.  Had it not been for our 5 year old daughter going after me I might have chickened out.  So glad I went because it was AWESOME!  Miss C went last and loved it.  So proud of her, she did amazing!  Unfortunately, the other kids were too little go.

Along with zip lining they have a leap of faith, high rope course, abseiling, and many more great team building activities.  All looked so much fun I only wish we had more time.  I do have a new love for zip lining.

Next we finished our tour of the property and it was time to play!  We started off with the roller coaster and rode a couple more of the amusement park rides before hitting the water park.  The kids loved all the rides and we actually kept going back to them throughout the day.  The spinning swings were my favorite.

The water park was the most fun!  They have several different areas for all different ages.  Our kids hardly left little kids area which had a really cool pirate ship and lots of different slides.  The are lots of seats for the adults and the little kids area is also shaded which is a big plus so kids aren't in direct sunlight all day.

There is also a wave pool that you can rent floats for and a lazy river too.  Unfortunately, our kids only wanted to stay in the kid area.  We did manage to go down a couple of the bigger water slides which were fun.  The only downside was our 4 year old was too little to ride down them.  He loves riding down tall water slides.

Before we left for the day we stopped by the petting zoo.  They have loads of different animals there like snakes, birds, goats, lizards, raccoons, deer and even monkeys came down from the forest to visit.  Remember to watch your belongings around monkeys.  The cobra took a liking to our son.

After the petting zoo we grabbed a quick bite before we left.  Food is very reasonably priced.  There are some great hawker stalls near the kids water park.  And, of course, plenty of ice cream stands all over the park!

There is so much to see and do at the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park that we really needed two full days to experience it all.  The kids were sad to leave, but we all had an incredible time and hope to go back soon!  The Lost World of Tambun and Ipoh should be on anyones travel list when visiting Malaysia.

Anyone else visit the Lost World of Tambun?

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  1. Thanks for your review of this popular theme park! It's always nice to get a first-hand account of the park before actually visiting. Sounds like a fun place!

  2. Im contemplating to bring the kids to the beach or to the tambun water park next week, but after reading your review i`ve made up my mind to bring them to tambun. thanks alot for the insight!

  3. thanks... its a great info on how one may feel going there... although i am not going... it help me in my assignment =)

  4. HI! Thanks for sharing:) May I know is there any age or height limit for kids to do the zipline? :)

  5. We took our girls (family of 4) through Malaysia last year and stopped in Ipoh and The Lost City. It was certainly one of the highlights of the trip for the kids, even though they didnt meet the height requirements. Plus seriously the worlds most amazing chocolate crepes!