Kiz Sports & Gym in Bangsar Village II, Kuala Lumpur

I needed to get my eyebrows threaded so we headed to Bangsar Village II.  There are several threading place that surround the mall all which run around 5RM.  After I promised the kids some playtime so we  headed to the 4th floor of BVII.  Kiz Sports has a big open play area for the kids.

They offer a variety of enrichment programs for the younger kids.  The facility is very clean with hand sanitizers mounted at the entrance/exit.  The staff is very friendly.  They offer a drop off service for parents who want time away.  The staff not only watches them they actually play with the kids.

Food is available to order from a separate restaurant.  Prices are a bit high.  We brought our own.  They also have a baby changing/nursing area and tiny toilets for the tots.

Prices are about 25RM during the week.  Classes once a week run about 140RM for the month with free play time before or after.

Remember, socks are required for all ages, even babies!  Our kids had a blast, but that is typical of them.  Anyone else have a fun play area they can recommend?

Yes, there is free wifi that works great!

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