Koh Lanta, a perfect island for families!

So many islands in Thailand to choose from, where should you go?  All of them I say, but if you only have a few weeks them definitely head to Koh Lanta.  We started out in Phuket on Patong beach. Although we enjoyed the beach, Patong was much too crowded and touristy for us. We then visited Koh Phi Phi. Beautiful and almost as touristy as Phuket but far less seedy.  Next we landed on Koh Lanta and loved the quiet charm.  We found a great resort on the beach with several pools where we stayed a few weeks and just chilled. Of course, we were there during the slow or green season so I cannot attest to how busy it gets during high season but with things so spread out I can't imagine this as a party town.

Where to stay

Pick a place with a pool on the beach.  The jungle side has some nice apartments but the walk down the hill, across the road and to the beach will stop you from going to the beach that often.  There are so many places it's best to book some place for a night or two then spend a morning driving to the different places for rent. There are loads of them.

Getting around

Tuk tuks and songtow taxis are everywhere.  Just head to the road and negotiate your price. If the first one is too high then just wait for the next one. It should never cost you more than 50 baht one way.  You can also rent a tuk tuk for about 200-500 baht a day.


Mini marts and 7-11s are plentiful and sell everything you should need like food and diapers.  There is a slightly bigger store in town called Lanta Mart but the mini marts Prices are about the same.  In town has the best selection of shoes, clothes and souvenirs.

Things to do

Diving, snorkeling, boat trips, playing on the beach, relaxing, yoga, playing in the pool, and just enjoying life.  We rented a tuk tuk and loved cruising around the island.  There are caves and private beaches all over the island.  Although we were on Koh Lanta in the slow season, there was still a lot of fun things to do.

Thailand is a beautiful country with so many islands to explore.  Hopefully, we will be back soon!

What is your favorite island?

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