What to do in Hoi An, Vietnam with kids

Hoi An is such a beautiful old city with a very relaxed vibe and lots of charm.  It is easy to walk around and explore.  There is plenty of great food and a wonderful waterfront.  This is home of the $1 Pho and $.33 beer.  Here are just a few of the things we enjoyed with our kids.

Stay at a hotel with a pool!  We stayed at Hoa My Hotel II which had a small pool behind the lobby and the best omelets around!  This hotel is also near some of the best and cheapest restaurants in Hoi An!

Bicycle to the beach.  Go early and take lots of water and sunscreen.  If the ride is too much you can always take a taxi.  There are plenty of beach chairs and restaurants.  The ride there is short and very beautiful.  Bicycle rental places are plentiful so negotiate.  Hoi An also has free tours given by local collage kids.  We did the free tour in Hanoi and loved it!

River Boat Ride.  Enjoy the houses and people along the waterfront.  Watch people fishing and living on the water.  We love taking a boat ride whenever we can.  Once a month during the Full Moon Festival you can take a boat down the river at night and float a lantern on the water and watch all the lanterns make their way out to sea.  Boat rides are alway negotiable, but we paid around 100,000 dong for 1 hour.

Enjoy the morning market!  Our kids love exploring any market to see all the interesting foods people are selling.  They also love the fresh fruit and smoothies! The people at the market loved seeing our kids just as much

Shop till you drop!  For just a few dollars you can get well made kids clothes and shoes.  This is especially fun for little girls who love their dresses.  Kids can pick out a design and fabric they like.  Just make sure you go to a reputable tailor and pre-pay as little as possible.  There are also several silk shops that will show you how silk is made.  Just ask.  Kids find this fascinating!

Cylo tour.  What kid doesn't love one of these.  Get a tour of the old town.  Nice breeze, shade and a relaxing way to ride around.

Cooking class - We found a great and very cheap cooking class at our favorite restaurant.  You basically pay for the meal and get lessons for free.

What was your favorite part of Hoi An?

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