What to do in Dalat, Vietnam with kids

The cooler weather in Dalat was a welcome reprieve from the heat we had experienced all over Southeast Asia.  Dalat is a beautiful town with a French Alps feel.  Dalat had so many fun things to do, however, the weather was really why we should have stayed longer.

The mountain coaster was so much fun we rode it twice!  Also known as the toboggan ride or the luge.  Round trip is 40,000 dong for adults and 15,000 for kids. It really was a blast.

Tip: Leave plenty of space in front of you. It seemed like everyone else was going really slow. We went when no one else was in line and flew down the hill! Also, pay for the ride up the hill, walking up all those steps is tiring!

There is a beautiful waterfall at the base of the luge ride. There are some benches in a perfect spot for people watching and enjoying a cool refreshment. They have a little archery range that our kids enjoyed as well.

Ride the cable car while you are at the mountain coaster.  At the bottom of the hill near the waterfall is where you find the cable car.  The ride gives a beautiful view over the pine forest.

The Crazy House allowed the kids to run crazy and explore.  They loved the winding and narrow pathways and all the hidden rooms.  The architecture is pretty darn cool.  Admission is 35,000 dong.

Take a Land Rover up to the top of Langbiang mountain, which allows for amazing views of Dalat and the surrounding mountains and valleys.  Kids love the bouncy ride.

Swan paddle boats rides are always a hit with the kids.  Although they look fun for the kids the adults do all the work.  We started out as 5 in a boat and quickly found out 5 doesn't fit in a boat.  Three fit much better.  They also have horse rides by the lake and a small amusement park for the little kids.

Visit the night market for the fresh strawberries.  Our kids would eat a few kilos a day.  The night market is also a perfect place to get some yummy dinner.

What other fun things have you done or heard about in Dalat?

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