Chatuchak Weekend Market with kids

Chatuchak weekend market claims to be the world's largest weekend market.  It is a fun and ginormous, although somewhat overwhelming, market.  This place is massive and they offer everything under the sun!

Here's how to avoid going insane:

1. Go early.  It will be hot so wear comfy clothes, shoes and sunscreen.  Although if you forget anything you can just buy it!

2. Memorize the map before you leave so you know where you want to go.  It's too big to see everything in one day.

3.  Bargain hard, there are twenty other vendors who sell the same thing.  Although you may never find the first vendor if you try and go back...

4.  Don't forget 30 baht is only a dollar.  Do you really need to save another 10 baht on that 100 baht shirt? A good deal is a good deal!

5.  Stop and enjoy the people watching.  It's crazy busy there

6. Bring a stroller! There will be a lot of walking in the heat. Some of the lanes get pretty narrow and crowded so the narrower stroller, the better off you'll be.

7. Prep your kids beforehand. They will be naturally curious and you will be overwhelmed. There are a lot of easy to touch animals in poor conditions. They will see some new things, like beggars with no legs dragging themselves around. We talked about what to expect and we made it several hours without incident or meltdown. Yippee!

Have you been to the Chatuchak weekend market? What did you think?

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