How we got dysentery on our Gili Islands adventure

The Gili Islands are stunning and we had the best time ever!  Or should I say, we SHOULD have had the best time ever!

Let back up just a bit.  We start our journey on the beautiful island of Bali.  We decide to catch the fast boat from Ahmed since it was only a 40 minute ride.  We've heard stories of rough seas and wanted to avoid everyone getting sick.  We roll into town late, book a boat for early the next morning and find a crowded restaurant to have dinner.  Crowds always mean the food is good, right?  The pink chicken should have tipped us off that something wasn't right. But, the food was great and some of the best fish I've had so far.
They offer us a room for super cheap (like $10 cheap) so we crash there for the night.

Everyone falls asleep quickly and Nick goes out to have a beer with the captain.  While having drinks Nick overhears the owner of the place mention he just brought his kids home from the hospital and they had dysentery.

Fast forward 24 hours and we are in the pristine Gili Islands.  Now cue dysentery. Well, I'm sure you don't need details. Everyone was falling like dominos.  Parents were on a rotation of sorts taking the healthy kids out to play.  That is until one parent went down.  Thank goodness one remaining parent never got sick.

We tried to make the best of a bad situation. Hopefully, we can make it back one day to experience the islands.

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