Tips for traveling with kids

Tips for traveling with kids- What we've learned so far

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” – Susan Heller

  1. Bring a stroller.  It might be difficult at times to navigate our double stroller over bumps, through doorways and around obstacles, but ours has been a lifesaver.  
  2. Pack extra sunscreen.  It's expensive here and a good value is hard to find
  3. Pack extra bug repellant if there is a brand you love.  Same reason as above.
  4. Pack a big bottle of generic tylenol or whatever it is you take.  You can get it here but in smaller quantities and you'll pay more.
  5. Western sizes are hard to find - So if there is a particular swimsuit you love or clothing item pack it in your carry-on.  My swimsuit was stolen during our long layover in the Bangkok airport.  I was able to find a swimsuit while in Penang, Malaysia, but it is certainly not a swimsuit I would have willing purchased back home.
  6. Men - If the weather is going to be in the 90's all day, everyday, no need to bring undershirts!  Save the packing space and leave the undershirts at home.
  7. Carry toilet paper with you everywhere. 'nuff said!

What's on your must-have list?  Let us know below...

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