We made it!!

It took over 17 hours driving, 40 hours of planes (5 total), numerous airports (5), 2 taxis (well, 3 if you include dad) and a lot of patience but we made it to Penang!

We prepared for the kids' inevitable meltdowns, crankiness and even fights. We got more of that between us than the kids. Seriously, our marriage ended for about 5 minutes in Korea, about halfway through our trip and 6am local time.

Camden in an airplane bassinet

The kids did great, except some of the landing were tough on their little ears. Overall, the traveling was much easier than we ever thought it would be... Especially with three kids under 6. I think it helped that we got bulkhead with plenty of legroom and a bassinet for Cam and the wonderful flight staff on all our Asian airlines.

Here's hoping our many future flights are easy traveling!

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