10 Fun Things To Do In Barbados

1) Scuba Diving, of course! - What is an island vacation without my husband getting to do what he loves the most.  Barbados has some amazing scuba diving.
2) Oistins Fish Fry - Hands down the yummiest food on the island!  We ended up eating there almost everyday.  The fish is incredibly fresh, portions are large and inexpensive.

3Exploring the vast beaches - We found the island's northern and eastern beaches to be the least crowded. They can get a bit windy though, especially in the afternoons! 

4Driving around the island - We always love renting a car where ever we go.  We get to see so much more than just the typical touristy sites.  The island has incredible view especially on the north eastern coastline.  We saw sugar can fields, rum shops

5Wildlife Reserve - The moment we walked into the reserve we were greeted by lots of monkeys.  Monkeys can be quite aggressive when they want your food but these seemed to be a bit tame.  That doesn't mean you should turn your back on them for a moment, ever, in any country!  The best thing about this reserve is most of the animals roam free.  The best time to visit is during afternoon feeding time.  You will see iguanas, turtles, deers, birds, snakes, caiman, to name a few.  Don't worry, the later is kept secured so they won't eat you.

6Wandering downtown - We loved exploring the streets and hawkers in Bridgetown which is also recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Remember, every thing is negotiable!

7Exploring by bus - We never had a problem catching a bus in Barbados.  They have an amazing bus system that is super easy!  Let them do the driving while you sit back and enjoy the ride.  This is also a great way to chat up the locals.

8Harrison Cave - This cave is massive with beautiful formations and underground waterfalls and streams.  The tour is a tram ride down the cave which you can also get out and explore.

9)  Farley Hill National Park - We drove across the road from the Wildlife Reserve and up a hill to see an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean.  There is a ruined 19th century mansion and lots of park benches to enjoy the views.  This seemed to be a romantic spot for locals when we were there.  It seemed like a lot of canoodling going on.  We support canoodling! 

10) Folkstone Marine Reserve - Such a beautiful place to swim and snorkel!  Easy to get to and not very crowded this artificial reef is perfect for hanging out on the beach or snorkeling.  It's free and there are is a place to rent gear, a snack bar and playground.

Have you been to Barbados?  What did you love the most?  We'd love to hear you comments below!